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OC Survey provides innovative surveying and mapping services that support the public’s land-use needs and the design and construction of projects throughout the County. This includes supporting the acquisition and sale of property, maintenance of land information and geographic information systems for all parcels within the County.

Core Services


map Map Check and Right-of-Way Services

Provides subdivision map checking services, determines parcel boundaries and acreage, reviews annexation documents and maps and assists the public survey records research. Also prepares real estate property records, processes real property transactions and assists Investigations and Inspections in the analysis of claims.

view_comfy Survey Business Services

Manages service procurement and contracts, map checking services for cities, the County’s parcel-level digital basemap of over 687,000 subdivision parcels (Landbase) and other general survey administrative activities.

filter_center_focus Geospatial Services

Manages land information systems, geodetic control and Geographic Information System (GIS) activities, including creating interactive GIS maps for easier public access to project information. Also captures aerial images using unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) to document project site conditions and create innovative 3D modeling.

fence Field Services

Manages alignment analysis and various land surveys, such as real property boundaries, claims investigation, construction, deformation, GPS and high definition.

Drone Project Flights