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Corner Record Checklist - Board Rule 464

  • County and City(if applicable) in which the corner is located.
  • Township, Range and Base & Meridian on which the corner is located (if applicable).
  • Identification of the corner type (i.e., government, property, control,…).
  • Physical condition of the monument found or set.
  • Date of survey.
  • Public Lands corners require a sketch showing site recovery information. Other types of corners require a drawing that shows measurements that relate the corner to other identifiable monuments.
  • Reference to the California Coordinate system (optional). Sec 8771.5
  • Date of preparation, signature, and title of chief of party if prepared by U.S. Government or California State agency. If prepared by others, very wet signature and seal and that the individual is authorized to practice Land Surveying under Section 8731 of the Land Surveyors Act.
  • The date the corner record was filed and the signature of the County Surveyor.
  • A document or filing number.
  • Corner record is legible, clear and understandable.
  • Standard markings and abbreviations must be used as approved by the Bureau of Land Management (formerly the GLO), if applicable.